Eulachacha Waikiki (으라차차 와이키키)


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8.8   15+ - Teens 15 or older

Synomin : Go Go Waikiki

Genres : Friendship Comedy Romance Life Youth Drama

Episode : 20 Eps. 1 hr. 5 min./eps

Type : Drama

Network : jTBC South Korea


Three very different young men – Dong Goo, the bad luck incarnate who dreams of becoming a film director, Joon Ki, an eccentric actor who performs to make a living, and Doo Shik, a freelancer writer who fiddles around doing nothing most of the time - open a guest house named “Waikiki” in Itaewon where many foreigners come to stay. Although they have no clue how to run it, they’re eager to earn money to pay for the production of their upcoming film. Joined by Dong Goo’s younger sister Seo Jin, who actually manages the household in Waikiki; single mother Yoon Ah, who has made an unexpected landing in the guest house with her mysterious baby; and Dong Goo’s ex-girlfriend Soo Ah, they all start living together in an uncomfortable and suspicious atmosphere. Add Synopsis In Spanish Show more

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Kim Ki Ho ()

Lee Chang Min ()

Kim Jung Hyun (Main Role)

Kang Dong Goo

Lee Yi Kyung (Main Role)

Lee Joon Ki

Son Seung Won (Main Role)

Bong Doo Shik

Jung In Sun (Main Role)

Han Yoon Ah

Go Won Hee (Main Role)

Kang Seo Jin

Lee Joo Woo (Main Role)

Min Soo Ah

Kang Kyung Joon (Support Role)

Son Hyun Joon

Go Min Shi (Support Role)

Lee Min A

Pak Wang Jae (Support Role)

(Imposing interviewer)

Park Young Soo (Support Role)

(Convenience store owner)

Kim Ho Chang (Support Role)

Lee Sang Hyun

Jung Gyoo Soo (Guest Role)

(Agency President) (Ep.19-20)

Kim Byung Se (Guest Role)

Park Chang Ho (Ep.12)

Han Yeo Reum (Support Role)

Baby soul

Tae In Ho (Guest Role)

Kim Jae Woo (Ep.11-12)

Kim Kang Hyun (Guest Role)

(Father) (Ep. 17)

Lee Ha Yul (Guest Role)

Seo Jin Woo (Ep.16)

Jeon Soo Kyung (Guest Role)

(Guesthouse's owner)

Song Jae Hee (Guest Role)

Jae Hyun

Shin Hyun Soo (Guest Role)

Philip (Model)(Ep.16)

Park Sung Woong (Guest Role)


Han Ji Sang (Guest Role)

(Seo Jin's boyfriend)

Han Bo Bae (Guest Role)

Yoon Mal Geum/Cherry (Ep. 8-9)

Shin Dam Soo (Guest Role)

Tak Myung Hwan (Film Director)

Jung Soo Young (Guest Role)

(Department Store Person)

Kim Seo Hyung (Guest Role)

Kim Hee Ja

Lee Duk Hwa (Guest Role)

Himself (Joon Ki's father)

Kang Kyun Sung (Guest Role)

Himself (Blushing Webfoot Octopus)

Kim Young Ok (Guest Role)

(Grandmother at the party)

Wheesung (Guest Role)

Himself (Ep.6)

Seo Eun Woo (Guest Role)

Ji Soo (Ep.3)

Min Ha (Guest Role)

Ye Rin (Ep.8)

Seol Jung Hwan (Guest Role)

Lee Yoon Seok (Ep.1-2, 10-11)

Yoon Se Ah (Guest Role)

(Gonggi teacher)(Ep.12)

Jo Woo Ri (Guest Role)

Sun Woo (Ep.5)

Kim Ki Ri (Guest Role)

MC Dacopy (Ep.19)

Kim Jin Woo (Guest Role)

(Sol's father)(Ep.19-20)

Ryu Hye Rin (Guest Role)

Jin Joo (Ep.18)

Sung Chan Ho (Guest Role)

Lee Ji Ha (Guest Role)

(Ji Soo's mother)

Hwang In Joon (Guest Role)


Lee Jin Mok (Guest Role)

(Bus driver)

Hong Boo Hyang (Guest Role)

Kang Hong Suk (Guest Role)

(Seo Jin's fake boyfriend)

Choi Ri (Guest Role)

(Jimin, the girl doing Junki's Brazilian wax) (Episode 3)

Choi Gyo Shik (Guest Role)

(Movie director)

Lee Chang (Guest Role)

Lee Yoo Mi (Guest Role)

Ji Young

Shin Seung Hwan (Guest Role)

Min Soo Bong

Hwang Sang Kyung (Guest Role)

Chang Tae Min (Guest Role)

Lee Jae Wook (Guest Role)

(Movie director)

Jeon Min Hyup (Guest Role)

Kwon Soo Hyun (Guest Role)

Ok Joo Ri (Guest Role)

Go Han Min (Guest Role)

Mi Seok (Guest Role)

(Construction Boss)

Jung Jong Woo (Guest Role)

(carrying water jug) (Ep17)

Kim Oh Bok (Guest Role)

Sung Chang Hoon (Guest Role)

Min Dae Shik (Guest Role)

Seo Eun Yool (Guest Role)

Joon Yi

Jo Seung Yeon (Guest Role)

Jung Kang Hee (Guest Role)

Kim Ki Hyun (Guest Role)

Min Ki Young (ep.13)

Lee Ah Jin (Unknown)