Borg Mom (보그맘)

7.1   15+ - Teens 15 or older

Synomin : Vogue Mom

Genres : Sci-Fi

Episode : 22 Eps. 35 min./eps

Type : Drama

Network : MBC South Korea


Buckinghum nursery school is a highly-competitive preschool where wealthy Korean families send their children. One day, a mysterious mom appears at the school with her child. Choi Go Bong developed a cyborg in the image of his late wife and to test its AI abilities, he is tasking the cyborg to parent his son and mingle with other moms at the competitive preschool, which he considers to be the ultimate test for his top-secret creation. When cyborg mom joins the PTA at Buckinghum nursery school and becomes a member of the invite-only Stylish Mom club, which is a high-status social club consisting of Buckinghum PTA members, she challenges the moms who are engrossed in acquiring higher status and bragging rights with her logical reasoning. Add Synopsis In Spanish Show more

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Sun Hye Yoon ()

Park Eun Jung ()

Choi Woo Joo ()

Yang Dong Geun (Main Role)

Choi Go Bong

Park Han Byul (Main Role)

Borg Mom

Hwang Bo Ra (Support Role)

Koo Seol Soo Ji

Choi Jung Won (Main Role)

Han Young Cheol

Jung Yi Rang (Support Role)

Yoo Gwi Nam

Choi Yeo Jin (Support Role)

Boo Ti Na

Ivy (Support Role)

Do Do Hye

Kwon Hyun Bin (Support Role)

Teacher Kwon Hyun Bin

Jo Yeon Ho (Support Role)

Choi Yool

Kim Do Hye (Support Role)

Grace (Do Hye's daughter)

Song Ji Woo (Support Role)

William (Gwi Nam's son)

Kang Joo Ha (Support Role)

Coco (Ti Na’s daughter)

Jang Ro Yi (Support Role)

Audrey (Soo Ji’s daughter)

Jung Ji Hoon (Support Role)

George (Do Hye's son)

Kim So Yeon (Guest Role)

Na Heung Shin (Pvt Eye)

Song Jae Rim (Guest Role)

(NIS Agent)

Lee Teuk (Guest Role)

(Radio DJ)

Jung Sung Ho (Guest Role)

(NIS Agent)

Hwang Se Sung (Guest Role)

(Covered Stall owner)

Kim Jun Hyun (Guest Role)

(NIS Agent)

Kim Yeon Woo (Guest Role)


Jang Moon Bok (Guest Role)

(Man in the Washroom)

Park Kyung Ri (Guest Role)

(entrapment/femme fatale)

Shin Dong Yup (Guest Role)

(Do Hye’s husband)

Sung Shi Kyung (Guest Role)

(Do Hye’s present husband)

Lee Sang Jun (Guest Role)

(father of William)

Geum Kwang San (Guest Role)

(Club Bouncer) (Ep6)

Jeon Heon Tae (Guest Role)

(Robot secret meeting) (Ep5)

Jung Sang Hoon (Guest Role)

(Do-hye's old crush)