Bad Papa (배드파파)

7.7   13+ - Teens 13 or older

Synomin : Baedeupapa

Genres : Adventure Drama Family Sports Tragedy

Episode : 32 Eps. 35 min./eps

Type : Drama

Network : MBC South Korea


Yoo Ji Cheol makes a difficult decision to become a bad person in order to become a good father. He used to be a top boxer, but he lost everything in a heartbreaking moment. All his hard earned money and fame vanished overnight. After hitting rock bottom, he decides to gain control of his life again through mixed martial arts. Add Synopsis In Spanish Show more

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Jin Chang Gyu ()

Jang Hyuk (Main Role)

Yoo Ji Cheol (Boxer)

Kim Sung Min ()

Son Yeo Eun (Main Role)

Choi Sun Joo (Ji Cheol's wife)

Shin Eun Soo (Main Role)

Yoo Young Son (Ji Cheol and Sun Joo's daughter)

Kim Jae Kyung (Main Role)

Cha Ji Woo (Detective)

Ha Joon (Main Role)

Lee Min Woo (Boxer)

Lee David (Support Role)

Kim Yong Dae (Ji Cheol's coach)

Jang Eui Soo (Support Role)

Sang Cheol (Martial art fighter)

Lee Eun Saem (Support Role)

Lee Seul Ki (Young Son's friend)

Jo Yi Hyun (Support Role)

Kim Se Jung (Young Son's friend)

Im Seon Woo (Support Role)

Wang Hye Ji (Young Son's friend)

Ji Yoon Ha (Support Role)

Choi Sun Young (Sun Joo's sister)

Kim Byung Choon (Support Role)

Park Min Shik (Inspector of police investigation unit)

Kwon Eun Bin (Support Role)

Kim Sang Ah (Young Son's rival)

Jung Man Shik (Support Role)

Joo Kook Sung (Ji Cheol's promoter)

Park Ji Bin (Support Role)

Jung Chan Joong (CEO of Shingu Pharmaceutical)

Lee Gyu Ho (Support Role)

General Manager Park

Kim Wook (Support Role)

Lee Hyun Soo (Detective)

Lee Joon Hyuk (Support Role)

Kim Pil Doo (Chief of illegal gambling fighting ring)

Yoon Bong Gil (Support Role)

Park Ji Hoon (Min Woo's business partner)

Joo Jin Mo (Support Role)

Director Jang (Ji Cheol's former promoter)

Jung In Ki (Support Role)

Cha Seung Ho (Ji Woo's father))

Choi Ki Seob (Support Role)

Jung Sung Ho (Guest Role)

(Boxing match commentator)

Shin Woo Geum (Support Role)

Kim Dae Sung (Researcher and PhD assistant)

Jung Ik Han (Support Role)

Kim Jong Doo (Pil Doo's brother)

Choi Yoon Ra (Support Role)

Choi Seon Yeong

Kim Shi Eun (Guest Role)

Choi Sun Joo (young)

Kang In Gi (Guest Role)

Kim Seung Hyun (Guest Role)

Kim Yoon Soo (Ji Cheol's friend)

Hong In (Guest Role)

Yong Woo (Brain-tumour patient who took part in clinical trial)

Kang Ji Woo (Guest Role)

Yoo Young Son (Young)

Yoo Je Gun (Guest Role)

Kim Yong Dae (Young)

Mi Ram (Guest Role)

Han So Ra

Kim Ro Sa (Guest Role)

Jang Joon Ho (Guest Role)

Song Yoo Ha (Guest Role)

Ok Joo Ri (Guest Role)

Woo Sang Jun (Guest Role)

Choi Young (Guest Role)

Park Pal Young (Guest Role)

Hyung Won (Guest Role)

Im Chae Sun (Guest Role)


Chun Myung Hoon (Guest Role)


Baek Eun Kyung (Guest Role)

(Sun Joo's colleague in departmental store)

Jung Kang Hee (Guest Role)


Kim Hwan (Guest Role)

Jeon Eun Mi (Guest Role)