I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (君の膵臓をたべたい)


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8.4   G - All Ages

Synomin : Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai

Genres : Romance Drama

Episode : 1 Eps. 1 hr. 55 min./eps

Type : Movie

Network : Japan


'I want to eat your pancreas' Yamauchi Sakura told Shiga Haruki while shelving books at the library. 12 years have passed Haruki, now a homeroom teacher at their old school, was asked to be in charge of the organization of the library collection. As he talks to his student, it made him look back on the days he spent with Sakura. Narrating the moment he picks up a diary, and discovers that his popular classmate is suffering from a pancreatic disease. Sakura decides to spend her remaining days with Haruki. Shiga being a loner initially refuses but slowly accepts Sakura into his life. Show more

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Yoshida Tomoko ()

Tsukikawa Sho ()

Kitamura Takumi (Main Role)

Shiga Haruki (young)

Hamabe Minami (Main Role)

Yamauchi Sakura (young)

Oguri Shun (Main Role)

Shiga Haruki (adult)

Kitagawa Keiko (Main Role)

Kyoko (adult)

Nagano Satomi (Support Role)

(Sakura's mother)

Otomo Karen (Support Role)

Kyoko (Sakura's best friend)

Sakurada Dori (Support Role)

Takahiro (Class representative)

Yamoto Yuma (Support Role)

Miyata Kazuharu / Gum-kun

Kamiji Yusuke (Support Role)

Miyata Kazuharu (adult)

Fujii Hiroyuki (Support Role)

Morishita Daichi (Support Role)


Nakata Keisuke (Unknown)

Nakata Tsuyoshi