ReLIFE (ReLIFE リライフ)


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7.7   G - All Ages

Synomin : Re LIFE

Genres : Romance School Youth Sci-Fi Fantasy

Episode : 1 Eps. 1 hr. 59 min./eps

Type : Movie

Network : Japan


Kaizaki Arata is a 27-year-old NEET, who failed at every job opportunity whenever interviewers hear that he quit his first job after having worked for only 5 months. One night, he was offered by a mysterious man, Yoake Ryo, to become a test subject for ReLIFE Laboratory's Social Reintegration Program. Through a pill that would make him 10 years younger, he gets the chance to redo his life. He participates in the experiment and restarts his high school days, making friends and falling in love. Show more

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Furusawa Takeshi ()

Nakagawa Taishi (Main Role)

Arata Kaizaki

Taira Yuna (Main Role)

Chizuru Hishiro

Ichikawa Mikako (Support Role)

Saeki Michiru

Natsuna (Support Role)

Kokoro Amatsu

Takasugi Mahiro (Support Role)

Kazuomi Oga

Ikeda Elaiza (Support Role)

Kariu Rena

Chiba Yudai (Support Role)

Ryo Yoake

Okazaki Sae (Support Role)

An Onoya