Abe Junko


Name : Abe Junko

Native Name : 吉永淳

Also Known as : Yoshinaga Junko;Junko Yoshinaga;阿部純子;Yoshinaga Jun

Nationality : Japanese

Gender : Female

Born : May 7, 1993

Age : 26


Abe Junko (formerly known by her stage name Yoshinaga Jun) is a Japanese actress. After her breakthrough role in the Palm D'Or nominated film "Futatsume no Mado" she was expected to become a big a star in Japan. But she chose to go to the United States for a year to study English and drama at New York University. Since her return to Japan she has appeared in several productions, most notibly "The Blood of Wolves". This film won several awards, including best supporting actress for Abe at the Osaka Cinema Festival. Her goal is to work on international (co-)productions like the Japanese/Russian "The Prisoner of Sakura". She is currently represented by Amuse.

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